Bible Exposition, Gospel of Mark

I will be posting exerpts from this book on a daily basis, starting from 3/11/2020


This is Dr. Andrew Koh’s second volume of his Daily Devotion book series. This book consists of 34 daily expository bible studies on the Gospel of Mark. Mark, is the shortest of the four gospels. This gospel contributes to our basic understandings of soteriology, anthropology, Christology, missiology, and eschatology. Theologically speaking, the gospel of Mark is a “5 in 1’’ book, with five important theological themes packed into one gospel. Dr. Koh did very well in his exposition of Mark in terms of exposing these five themes.

“What is expositional preaching?” It’s not about style, but more about how one decides what to preach. Instead, expositional preaching is exposing God ’ s Word to God ’ s people, or stated otherwise, exposing God’ s people to God’ s Word. Dr. Koh gave his definition of expositional preaching as “preaching that makes the main point of a text, the main point of the message.” Our goal as pastors should be that our people would know their Bibles. The pastor’s main method of preaching must be expositions of God’s Word (not merely topical, biographical, etc.). People should leave our churches after our messages and not say, “I could never get that out of that text!” Instead, they should say, “How could I have missed that?” Dr. Koh makes sure you would not miss that.

Our authority as preachers is based on the Word of God. When we depart from the Word of God, we lose our basis for authority. Dr. Koh has consistently assured us through his books on these three ways in which we should preach expositionally:

1. Affirm the Word of God. We must acknowledge that our God is a communicating God.

2. In the context of a congregation. Preaching must take place in a local congregation and faithfully proclaiming theWord of God in a local congregation.

3. We preach theWord! We are to trust in God and HisWord by preaching HisWord!

“ All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”, 2Timothy 3:16.

Rev.Richard Yew

Ordained Minister of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Malaysia,

Master of Practical Ministry (Wagner Leadership Institute) Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Economics (Victoria University ofWellington)

Reviews and endorsements:

This is a simple and non-complicated daily devotional book for people from all walks of life. It is also written in a systematic devotional layout within a gospel story related manner and presentation. It aims to draw the attention of the readers to pray and to follow the pathway of Jesus as laid out in the Gospel of Mark from Galilee to Jerusalem. It points to the Son of God coming to seek, save, and strengthen the faith of those who believe in Jesus.

Bishop Ng Moon Hing

Bishop of the Anglican Church in West Malaysia.

“Daily devotion Gospel of Mark’’ is the third book by Dr. Andrew Koh, but second in his Daily Devotion series. I find it to be a good attempt, and for those who like devotion, especially relating to the Gospel, you can include this into your library. It is written in a way that is simple but yet profound. Dr. Koh has provided the equivalent words in Greek for some of its original meaning in Greek. It is also voluminous but with clarity and easy to follow. It will be a good collection for its series with the earlier publication of the GOSPEL of JOHN.

Pastor Joshua Tan, Author, and Artist Kingdom Advancement Ministry,Malaysia

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