New Year Message

New Year Message
On this auspicious day, I wished to thank everyone for staying onboard in my blog, for your loyalty, encouragement, partnership, and support. The year 2020 started very badly for me, having had to undergo a major operation on my neck to decompress my spinal cord on 28/12/2019. I was locked down, locked out, locked in, and chained to my mac book air, iPad Pro, and iPhone 8 Plus. Knocked down but not out, and despite this setback, I managed to redeem the time by writing and self-publishing a few books. God willing, my next book, “Memoirs of a Doctor” should be launched in February 2021. I hope and pray that mass vaccination will terminate the covid 19 viruses in due course. May the “vaccine” be with you, Happy New Year, Dr. Andrew C S Koh, 1/1/2021.

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