Qumran Caves, Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are ancient Jewish religious manuscripts that were found in the Qumran Caves in the Judaean Desert, near the Dead Sea. They were discovered in 1947 by Bedouin herders who found clay jars in Palestine’s Qumran caves containing thousands of parchment scrolls that were more than 1,800 years old, including some of the oldest surviving copies of the Hebrew Bible. These were written by the scribes of the Essenes community, written in Hebrew; Aramaic, Greek, and Nabataean-Aramaic.

Qumran Caves

Revelation: Introduction

Today I am starting a new series on Revelation. Day 1 will only be an introduction to the book of Revelation:

This is the last book of the Bible, written by apostle John, around 96 AD when he was 100 years old. John authored 5 books, the gospel of John, the epistle of 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation. This book was written to the seven churches in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. These churches were persecuted by the Roman Emperor Caesar Nero, followed by Caesar, Titus Flavius Domitian. According to history, Nero and Titus killed millions of Christians who refused to worship them as gods. All the apostles had been martyred except John. According to tradition, Caesar Titus tried to kill John by throwing him into a pot of boiling oil but he did not die. Caesar Titus exiled John from Ephesus to the barren island of Patmos where Christ gave him this revelation. After Caesar Titus’ death, the next Caesar released John out from exile. The genre of Revelation is apocalyptic literature, a special kind of prophetic literature using symbolism, code, and vivid imagery.

There many views on eschatology. For this exposition, inaugurated eschatology, pre-tribulation rapture, and premillennialism will be used.

Inaugurated eschatology, the already and the not yet:
The Kingdom of God was inaugurated at Christ’s first coming but will not be fully consummated until His second coming. We are now living between the times of Christ’s first and second coming when both “the already” and “the not yet” aspects of the Kingdom of God can be experienced.

Pre-tribulation and premillennialism:
‘’Pre-tribulation” believes that Christ will return just before the seven-year tribulation to rapture the church into heaven. Christ will return once more at the end of the seven-year tribulation to set up His 1000-year millennial kingdom on earth. After this, satan will be released for a while and will rebel against God. After crushing this final rebellion, God will create a new heaven and earth and the eternal state begins.

An Outline of Revelation:
1). Rev 1: John’s vision of the Glorified Risen Christ on the island of Patmos
2). Rev 2 and 3: Message to the 7 churches of Asia Minor. Church history from the beginning of the church until the rapture of the church.
3). Rev 4-5; Rapture, the church in heaven
4). Rev 6-19: The world on earth going through the tribulation
5). Rev 20: the Millennial Kingdom, 1000 years of Christ’s reign on earth
6). Rev 21-22, Eternal state, the new heaven, and the new earth