Dr Andrew C S Koh answers questions on his new book, “Apocalypse: understanding the book of Revelation” prior to book launch

Rev Ng Wah Lok interviews Dr Andrew C S Koh on his new book, “Apocalypse: understanding the book of Revelation” prior to book launch on 1/5/2022

Question: You wrote this book very quickly. Together with many other books during the covid pandemic. Why inspired your writings? Were there any specific major lessons you learned while writing this book?

Answer: I wrote many bible study books during the pandemic because I have so much time. I do not have a day job to do. I do not have to pastor a church. Everyday is a free day. In fact, I just finished one more book on Abraham yesterday! Everybody has 24 hours a day. You can waste it or you can redeem it. The books I wrote are Christ centred , life changing, and Holy Spirit enabled. My aim is to teach the bible so that readers will become biblically literate. There are too many false teachings nowadays to lead Christians astray. We need to go back to the Bible and educate ourselves with a balanced theology.

Question: There are many books written on Revelation. How is your book different from the rest? What areas do you think your book is unique and can help believers grow in their faith?

Answer: Revelation is not an easy book to study. Ideally, you need to read the whole bible before you read Revelation. Books on Revelation are complicated, technical, and controversial. The purpose of my book is to explain Revelation verse by verse from chapter 1 to chapter 22 in a way that is easy to follow. It is not too academic and yet not too simplified. My aim is to encourage readers to read Revelation for themselves and not just listen to others and believe everything, hook, line, and sinker. Remember the Bereans believers were more honorable than the Thessalonians believers. This book is a Christ centred, life changing, Holy Spirit enabled, Expository commentary, Bible study guide, and daily devotion. Cell groups can use it as weekly bible study guide over 22 weeks.