How I used Story Origin to market my books

How I used Story Origin to market my books

Writing and publishing a book is relatively easy. Selling your book is a different ball game altogether. It is an Achilles heel. Selling involved marketing. Marketing is not knocking on people’s doors and saying buy my book! Marketing is reaching out to the public that you have a book to sell. Marketing is finding readers who will read your books in your genres.

For book promotion, I strongly recommend Story Origin. Through Story Origin, you will create reader magnets, review copies, universal book links, and direct book download links. These are very handy and valuable marketing tools. Reader magnets are free e-books that you give away when readers sign up for your newsletter. Through Story Origin, you will master the skill of e-mail marketing by sending out newsletters to your subscribers. As more readers sign up for your reader magnets, your subscriber list will grow organically. Story Origin brings together a huge group of like minded authors to cross-promote books through group promotions and newsletter swaps. These promotions and swaps are in sales, giveaways, or reviews. Other authors in your same genre will cross-promote your books for mutual benefit. You will get sales, book reviews, and a strong following of readers who read your books. I joined Story Origin 6 months ago. As of today, I gave away 2204 reader magnets, received 1365 universal book link clicks, and 63 book review requests. I have 345 active subscribers to my newsletter. To me, these statistics are very encouraging.

Find out everything you need to know to get started with Story Origin, by clicking on the link below on

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