Verse-by-Verse into the WORD

Deeper into the WORD through verse-by-verse Bible Studies

WordPress Website of Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Verse-by-Verse into the WORD

Deeper into the WORD through verse-by-verse Bible Studies

Website of Dr. Andrew C S Koh

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This is a blog on bible studies, devotions, expository commentaries, bible expositions and books. The main menu of the blog is located horizontally across the page on a desktop and tablet. If you are on a mobile phone, click on the three small horizontal lines on the top left corner. to open up the content. However, this may differ across the different brands of the devices.

The Bible study section of the content is where I post bible studies, devotions, and commentaries on many books of the Bible. The newsletter section of the content is where I post my weekly newsletters. Feel free to explore the other sections on the menu as well. Let me know how to improve my site. I value your feedback.  

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Dr. Andrew C S Koh is a retired cardiologist, writer, publisher, and blogger. A near-death experience in 2019 jumped started his writing career and publication of his first book Memoirs of a Doctor in 2020. Since then, he had authored and published thirty-seven Christian books including commentaries on every New Testament book and 5 in the Old Testament. He studied Theology at Laidlaw Bible College, Auckland, New Zealand. He lives in Malaysia and enjoys a premium cup of coffee on a warm sunny day.

Dr. Andrew C S Koh

Author, Blogger, Publisher

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  • Judging others

  • The binding of Isaac

  • Rivers of Living water

  • Devotion: exorcism

  • Devotion: the resurrection and the life

  • Devotion: faith

  • Devotion: parable of the sower

  • He is not here, He has risen!

  • Devotion: your sins are forgiven

  • Devotion: leprosy

  • Devotion: from fishermen to fishers of men

  • Devotion: the corrupted church

  • Devotion: the persecuted church

  • Devotion: rekindle your first love

  • Devotion: Saved by an angel

  • Devotion: persecution

  • Read an ebook week is live!

  • Smashwords Read an ebook week, March 5th to 11th 2023, is live!

  • Devotion: rise up and walk

  • Devotion: Pentecost

  • Devotion: providence

  • Devotion: from rags to riches

  • Devotion: master of dreams

  • Win a Kindle fire 7 tablet and more!

  • I dreamed a dream

  • Devotion: vision of Christ

  • Worship in spirit and truth

  • Devotion: woman, water, and well

  • Acts volumes 1 and 2: from Jerusalem to Rome

  • Devotion: the greatest of these is love

  • Devotion: charge it to my account

  • Book Launch

  • Devotion: Grace and Peace

  • New year devotion: in the beginning

  • 1 Corinthians: the greatest of these is love

  • Devotion: the Gospel of Mark

  • Devotion: spiritual heartburn

  • Book Review

  • Devotion: For unto us a Child is born

  • Devotion: My God shall supply

  • Devotion: Joy to the world

  • The Year 2022 in review

  • Devotion: the virgin birth of Christ

  • Devotion: Immanuel, God with us

  • Devotion: a Vision of Christ

  • Our catalog

  • Devotion: what must I do to be saved?

  • Devotion: the Lost son

  • Who is my neighbour?

  • Devotion: the Word became flesh

  • Revelation, Day 10

  • Bible Study: Hebrews 5

  • Ephesians

  • Ephesians

  • Ephesians

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