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Exploring Paradise


A Memorable 5-day Getaway in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Welcome to my travel diary as I recount my incredible 5-day journey to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This tropical paradise, known for its cultural richness and natural wonders, left an indelible mark on my heart. Join me as I take you through each day of this unforgettable adventure.

Day 1: Arriving in Paradise

The warm breeze and the blue South China Sea immediately attracted me to Kota Kinabalu. The anticipation of exploring this tropical gem was palpable as I checked into my cozy accommodations at the Hilton Hotel. The adventure had begun!

Day 2: Cultural Immersion at Mari Mari Cultural Village

On the second day, I went on a trip to the Mari Mari cultural village that taught me about Sabah’s indigenous cultures and left a lasting impression on my heart. Mari Mari Cultural Village is just a short drive from the Hotel.

Getting There

Reaching Mari Mari Cultural Village was a breeze.. As we approached, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. What awaited me inside these traditional houses, nestled in the heart of the rainforest?

The Experience

Stepping into Mari Mari Cultural Village felt like stepping into a time machine. The guided tour was my passport to the rich tapestry of Sabah’s indigenous cultures. Our first stop was the house of the Rungus tribe, where the intricate bead work and woven baskets caught my eye. Our guide shared stories of her people’s history and lifestyle.

We moved on to the houses of the Bajau, Lundayeh, Murut, and Dusun tribes, each distinct in its architecture, artifacts, and way of life. It was a privilege to witness firsthand the preservation of these ancient traditions. The guide offered us a window into their worlds, answering questions and engaging in enlightening conversations.

Cultural Performances

The highlight of the visit was undoubtedly the cultural performances. The stage came alive with vibrant colors and rhythmic beats. Dancers from the various tribes donned their traditional attire, and the atmosphere was filled with the melodies of gongs and drums. The highlight of the show featured the Murut dancers jumping in and out of moving bamboos sticks without getting their feet caught!

The dances were more than just performances. They were living traditions that told stories of love, unity, and the connection between the indigenous people and their cultures.


After immersing myself in the rich cultural experience, it was time to tantalize my taste buds. Lunch was a feast of Sabah’s culinary delights. From the fragrant aroma of bamboo chicken to the exotic flavors of local vegetables, every dish served as a tribute to the region’s diverse cuisine.


As I left Mari Mari Cultural Village, I carried with me more than just photographs and souvenirs. I had gained a profound appreciation for the diverse cultures that call Sabah home. This incredible experience was not only educational but also deeply moving. It reminded me of the importance of preserving and celebrating indigenous heritage.

Mari Mari Cultural Village is a must-visit. It’s a place where history, traditions, and hospitality converge, leaving you with a lasting appreciation for the cultural mosaic that defines Sabah.

Dancers in tribal customs

Day 3: Sabah Museum

Day three’s highlight was a visit to the Sabah Museum, a place where history, natural wonders, and indigenous heritage converged. In the main hall, a magnificent whale skeleton stood proudly, serving as a formidable guardian. The museum tour guide’s explanation of the exhibits deepened my understanding of Sabah’s unique identity.

It was a journey of self-discovery, and cultural immersion into the enduring spirit of the Sabahan’s rich heritage, and culture. The museum left me with a profound appreciation for the wonders of Sabah’s past and present.

Immersed in History

The Sabah Museum, established in 1965, serves as a guardian of Sabah’s heritage, preserving centuries-old artifacts, manuscripts, and traditions. It was a privilege to explore this treasure trove of knowledge.

A Kaleidoscope of Cultures

One of the most enchanting aspects of the Sabah Museum is its ability to showcase the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of the state. It was like embarking on a journey to discover Sabah’s soul, one gallery at a time.

Borneo Heritage Gallery

My journey commenced in the Borneo Heritage Gallery, where I was introduced to the indigenous communities that call Sabah home. The displays were intricate, providing a window into the lifestyles, rituals, and beliefs of these communities. From the fearsome headhunters of the past to the vibrant artistry of today’s indigenous people, this gallery paints a vivid picture of Sabah’s native cultures.

Islamic Civilization Gallery

Next, I ventured into the Islamic Civilization Gallery, which offered insights into the influence of Islam on Sabah’s culture, education, and daily life. It was a testament to the harmonious coexistence of different faiths in the region, a living testament to the spirit of unity.

Chinese and South China Sea Gallery

The Chinese and South China Sea Gallery explores Sabah’s Chinese heritage and their important role in shaping the state’s history through migration. It was a testament to the resilience and contributions of the Chinese community.

Colonial Era Gallery

The Colonial Era Gallery was a poignant reminder of Sabah’s history under British and Japanese occupations. The artifacts and documents on display shed light on this transformative period, highlighting the resilience of the Sabahans in the face of adversity.

Nature’s Wonders

Beyond the cultural treasures, the Sabah Museum houses a Natural History Gallery that introduced me to the state’s awe-inspiring flora and fauna. It celebrated Sabah’s lush rainforests and the mesmerizing marine life that graces its shores. It was a reminder of the delicate balance between humans and nature.

The Sabah Museum visit is an unforgettable experience. It’s a journey through time, a celebration of culture, and a reminder of the beauty that lies within Sabah’s diverse heritage.

Gala Night

I was absolutely delighted by the incredible buffet dinner showcasing the extraordinary flavors of the Sabahan cuisine that tantalized my taste buds. The Gala Night that followed was a true spectacle, with mesmerizing performances, music, and the chance to connect with fellow travelers. It was a night of camaraderie and unforgettable memories.

Sabah Museum

Day 4: Island Hopping Thrills

On day 4, I embarked on the Sabah Island Hopping Tour, starting my journey from Sutera Harbour, just a short bus ride away from the hotel. The adventure kicked off with an adrenaline-pumping speedboat ride to Manukan Island, where the waves gave us quite a thrill. Once we reached our destination, I was greeted by the sight of a pristine beach and crystal-clear waters. While some of my fellow travelers opted for snorkeling, I chose to relax on the beach, taking in the stunning surroundings.

Our next stop was Sapi Island, and after a delicious lunch, we hopped back on the boat for more island exploration. However, our adventure took an unexpected turn as our boat experienced a mechanical problem while out at sea. Despite the initial scare, our capable crew managed to ensure our safe return to Sutera Harbour, adding an unexpected twist to an otherwise memorable island-hopping experience.

South China Sea

Day 5: Home Sweet Home

Day 5, checked out of Hotel after breakfast to catch the return flight to KLIA.

In just 5 days, Kota Kinabalu, had stolen my heart. Whether you seek cultural immersion or thrilling island escapades, this tropical paradise promises an abundance of unforgettable memories.

Have you visited Sabah? Share you adventure on the comments below.

Bamboo dance
Murut warrior in traditional attire
Teh Tarik
Sabah Museum
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Small Stone, Giant Faith

Rainbow over snowy mountains

Lessons from David’s Triumph Over Goliath

The story of David and Goliath is an inspiring tale that has touched the lives of many throughout history. It teaches us about faith, courage, and the strength that comes from believing in God. This timeless story still holds valuable lessons for us today.

David Found Solace as a shepherd Boy

David found peace and solace tending his father’s flock in Bethlehem’s quiet hills, not knowing that fate had something extraordinary planned for him.

Goliath’s Threat

News quickly spread in David’s village that Goliath of the Philistines posed a threat to their land. The presence of this formidable enemy filled David’s countrymen with terror. They were scared of Goliath’s power as his army approached with him leading them.

At first hearing Goliath’s challenge to David, something remarkable occurred: courage surged within him despite being young and having little experience fighting battles. David placed his trust in God and believed that His guidance would see them through.

Approaching King Saul with a determined heart, David offered to challenge Goliath. Although initially wary, King Saul agreed, and provided David with armor and weapons; however, these felt cumbersome to David; therefore, he knew using what was closest to his knowledge—his sling and some stones from a nearby stream—was his best strategy going forward.

Goliath was not impressed when David declared his intent. David knew that he would represent the Lord of Hosts, Israel’s God. With each step forward, he felt God with him, reminding him he wasn’t alone.

As David approached, Goliath couldn’t help but burst into a hearty laugh. Compared to Goliath’s huge size and strong armor, David seemed powerless. However, David’s strength actually came from God. David remained confident in his strength, believing that his prayers and an accurate shot with his slingshot would overcome Goliath’s threatening armored giant.

Triumph and Victory

David struck Goliath’s forehead with pinpoint accuracy. The Philistine soldiers were amazed as their strong champion tripped, fell, and hit the ground with a loud thud. Then there was a moment of silence, followed by cheers from David’s friends.

At that moment, the tide of battle suddenly turned in their favor. After Goliath was defeated, the Israelite forces joined together and successfully drove out the Philistine forces from their lands. This news spread quickly across Israel, and David became known as a symbol of victory.

Reflecting back on this miraculous day, David realized he hadn’t defeated Goliath through his own strength or skill but due to God’s incredible strength. God chose David as proof that trusting in Him can help us overcome difficult situations.

In his life, David always used the lessons from that important day: faith, humility, and the belief that doing the right thing can help us overcome any challenge we face.

Have you faced any giants?

Share below who your Goliaths were and how God gave you victory over them.

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Short story: Touching the hem of God

On the streets of Capernaum, I carried with me for years the name that would become associated with me, the woman with blood issues.

I was sick and felt weak and hopeless. However, I still had faith in my heart. One day, something happened that completely changed my life.

One morning, I heard whispers of Jesus being a miracle healer, and his stories of compassion and power to cure quickly sparked hope in me. Somehow I knew He held the key to my freedom from my affliction; thus inspiring faith and hope as I journeyed on a trip to search for Him and witness His power firsthand.

I inched forward slowly through the crowd of a mix of multitudes. Although it was challenging to approach Jesus in my condition, my strong desire for healing pushed me forward, overriding any doubts or concerns I had.

As I neared Him closer, excitement mixed with nervousness moved within my soul. I looked upon Jesus, fully understanding this was my moment for redemption. Even a simple touch of his robe had the power to unleash miraculous healing. I confidently moved through the crowd, feeling my faith grow with each step. I had a peaceful confidence in His power, knowing that my breakthrough was nearby.

At that moment, Jesus passed by, and I touched the hem of His robe. Instantly, I felt a powerful surge of energy flowing through me, as if healing was flowing from Him and into me. Within moments, years of pain vanished with no trace. The blood stopped flowing, and pain and weakness no longer plagued me, they were completely vanquished.

While I stood there in awe, Jesus looked around and asked, “Who touched me?” His disciples were startled, but He persisted in searching for someone whose faith had released His healing powers.

With fear and trembling, I stepped forward and admitted that I was the one who had touched Him. I then honestly shared my testimony with Him and the crowd. Jesus looked upon me with mercy and gently told me my faith had indeed healed me. He bestowed peace on me.

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. From that day forward, my life took on new meaning as an example of God’s power and healing presence in my life.

After experiencing this divine encounter with Jesus Christ, I felt forever thankful and loved. Not only was He instrumental in healing me from my past struggles; now my future holds promise because of Him.

This story comes from Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48, and Matthew 9:20–22.

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The Miracle Lunch Box

On a day, near the Sea of Galilee, I decided to offer my lunch, consisting of five barley loaves and two fish to Jesus. Little did I anticipate that this simple gesture would transform into a feast for thousands of people.

As the crowd gathered around Jesus, eager to hear His teachings, I searched for a spot where I could listen attentively. Despite my hunger, I knew that my meager lunch wouldn’t suffice for such a number of people. Jesus started to speak. His words captivated us all for hours on end.

As the sun started its descent, hunger began to gnaw at the crowd. Jesus turned to His disciples and inquired about acquiring food for everyone. Philip expressed doubts about the feasibility of feeding such a multitude. It was then that Andrew noticed my lunch box and led me towards Jesus.

With anticipation, I presented Him with my offering. Jesus offered up a prayer to His Father, blessed the food before Him, broke it into pieces and started distributing it among the crowd. To my amazement, those five loaves and two fish multiplied miraculously, continuously satisfying everyone’s hunger. Enough to feed 5000 men, and there were even leftovers!

This miracle extended beyond satiating their physical appetite; it touched their hearts deeply and provided them with spiritual nourishment as well. From that day I dedicated myself wholeheartedly as a follower of Jesus Christ. Spreading His teachings with unwavering enthusiasm.

Word quickly spread about the event, attracting people from near and far who were eager to witness the power of Jesus. I eagerly shared my account, emphasizing the profound truth that even the smallest offering can hold immense significance in the hands of the Almighty.
The miraculous occurrence, with the lunch box served as a reminder of God’s unwavering provision and boundless love. Every time I encounter bread or fish it instantly brings back memories of that day by the Sea of Galilee.

As time went on I was fortunate enough to witness an array of miracles performed by Jesus, – healing, feeding, and even raising the dead. However, among all these awe-inspiring events there was something about the miracle involving that humble lunch box. It reminded me to offer everything I have to Jesus, no matter how small, and trust that He can use it in amazing ways.

Reflecting upon that day fills my heart with gratitude for having been a partaker, in such a divine moment. My simple meal transformed into a testament to God’s provision and unending love. Now countless individuals are inspired by this memory – it continues to ignite faith and instill hope within their hearts.

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Short Story: Kitty, the cat who stole my heart

A Tale of Love and Friendship

low angle view of cat on tree
Photo by Pixabay on

I found a tiny little kitten in a quiet part of the neighborhood. She was a few days old, and her mother had abandoned her. She was alone, and the world around her seemed big and unfamiliar. My heart couldn’t bear to leave the helpless brown kitten all alone, and with a rush of compassion, I decided to take her under my care. I called her Kitty. From that moment on, a bond formed between us, and she quickly became a cherished member of my family.

As the days passed, she grew stronger, and her affectionate nature flourished. Every time I returned home from work, she would eagerly wait by the door, purring with excitement, as if to say, “I missed you!”

Her warm, brown, furry presence brought joy and comfort to my life. We would spend evenings cuddling together, her purrs creating a soothing melody that melted away the stresses of the day. She filled my home with love, turning it into a sanctuary of happiness and companionship.

One particular day, as I drove home from work, my heart leaped with anticipation to see her waiting in the driveway. She always made my homecoming so special, and I couldn’t wait to embrace her.
However, fate had a cruel twist in store for both of us. As I parked my car, she darted towards me, her eyes bright with joy. But before I could react, tragedy struck. My car accidentally rolled over her, leaving me in shock and filled with sorrow.

In that heart-wrenching moment, time seemed to stand still. I cradled her gently, tears streaming down my face as I realized the unthinkable had happened. I had lost my beloved cat, the one who had brought so much happiness into my life.

In the days that followed, the pain of her loss weighed heavily on my heart. Memories of her playful antics, her soft purrs, and her unwavering affection flooded my mind. The house felt empty without her, and the void she left behind seemed impossible to fill.
But as time passed, I began to find solace in the cherished memories we shared. Her spirit lived on in my heart, a reminder of the beautiful bond we had. Though she was no longer physically by my side, her presence remained in the love and happiness she brought into my life.
As days turned into weeks, months, and years, the sadness began to ease. Although my cat is no longer with me physically, she will always hold a special place in my heart as a cherished memory that will never fade away.

Rest in peace, Kitty. You will always be remembered and cherished.