I retired from medical practice two and a half years ago. I started writing and publishing books to occupy the time.

Retirement is very challenging because you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t have enough things to do. Overnight, your circle of friends was drastically reduced. Suddenly, your phone stopped ringing. You felt alienated, isolated, and cut off from the lime light.

But retirement is not all doom and gloom. You have freed yourself from the tyranny of the urgent. You have freed yourself from the Goliath of time that tied you down i.e your practice. You have freed yourself from the responsibility of running the practice. Your stress level is drastically reduced. You can do things that you always wanted to do, but did not have the time to do them. You can be away from home for as long as you want without worrying about the practice. The burden of running a practice is behind you. You have finally earned the rest that you deserved.

Touched by an angel

Many years ago, while visiting Vienna, I boarded an early morning coach tour from Vienna to Salzburg. On arrival in Salzburg, our tour guide took us on a walking tour from the city center to the site where the famous twentieth-century fox Sound of Music film was shot on location. Sixty minutes, several turns, and many gardens later, we arrived at the Sound of Music movie site. There were many things to see, appreciate, explore listen to, and enjoy. The scenery was spectacularly amazing. After guiding us through the intricacies of the site and explaining the mysteries of the location, the guide left us as the second part of the tour was free and easy. He gave us ample free time to eat lunch and explore the site further on our own. All the delegates separated into their own small groups but I was left on my own as I was traveling alone. The tour guide told us to make our way back on the tour couch by 4 pm sharp for the return trip to Vienna, or be stranded in Salzburg! After a sumptuous lunch, I explored the site on my own until it was time to leave. By now, I have lost sight of my orientation and could not even find my way back to the city center because of the many turns and gardens. I could not access Google Maps, Waze, or GPS because I did not have data for a wifi connection. I was getting worried as I was in a deserted place and the countdown timer was ticking mercilessly! I bowed my head and prayed a simple prayer asking God to take me out of this lonely place and guide me back to the city. Even before I could finish praying and seemingly out of nowhere, a stunning young European lady appeared and spoke to me in perfect English. This was rare in Salzburg as the locals spoke fluent German and broken English with a strong German accent. Seeing that I was lost and panicky, she asked me politely where I was going. I replied that I was trying to find my way back to the city center but had lost my way. In my heart, I thanked God for his loving-kindness and faithfulness and for answering my prayer. She told me to follow her as she was also going there. We walked through the many turns and wonderful gardens. As we were nearing the city center, she pointed out the way that I should take, and lo and behold, she was gone! I reached the tour coach just ten minutes before 4 pm still catching my breath and speechless! I believed that I was truly touched by an angel in Salzburg that day! God sent an angel to rescue me from an impending disaster that day. I could not have imagined how I could have managed if I was stranded in Salzburg that day. After this incident, I always have data plans, wifi connections, and access to Google Maps, Waze and GPS. I will not leave home without them. I also realised that God is just a prayer away and His loving- kindness and faithfulness endure forever.


Dr. Andrew C S Koh, is an author, publisher, blogger, retired cardiologist, and Bible expositor. His first book, Memoirs of a Doctor, told the amazing story of his spiritual journey and full recovery from tetraplegia. Since then, he has authored 36 Christian books, including commentaries on every book of the New Testament from John to Revelation. He studied Theology at Laidlaw Bible College, Auckland, New Zealand. Connect with him on and get free books by cliicking to the links below:

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