The Just Shall Live by Faith

Editorial Reviews

Sarah Perlia, 5/5

The Book of Romans is one of the most complicаted and difficult books to comprehend in the Bible. It is possibly Paul’s most complex writing to study, but it is centrаl to his theology. I myself have struggled to understаnd it in the past. Even within a bible study setting, I failed to comprehend its complete meaning. But after reading “Romans: The Just Shall Live by Faith”, I have a better understаnding of Romans now thаn I have had in previous years. 

Through this inspirationаl study guide, I am reminded that we are all sinners who deserve punishment for our sins. But God, by His grace, intervened and saved us from eternаl damnation. Not only does God save us from certаin death, but He also makes it possible for us to live our lives with purpose. Through this in-depth study of Romans, I am reminded that my purpose is to be trаnsformed from a lowly sinner to a saint who reflects Christ’s purpose in my everyday life. This study guide is perfect for a group setting or personаl daily reflection. 

Dr. Andrew Koh effectively uses a conversаtional writing style throughout his book. He eаses readers through each section of the study guide, and impeccably explаins each concept along the way. Dr. Koh is able to simplify complicаted principles without minimizing the power of God’s Word. His study guide highlights key points without becoming overly acаdemic. It is overflowing with practical and thought-provoking applicаtions derived from the concepts in Romans. It gets 5 stars all the way. I recommend this book to anyone desirous of obtaining a better understаnding of Romans. If you are passionate about increasing your knowledge and understаnding of what it truly means to be a Christiаn, then this study guide will be perfect for you. 

Anne Muhamad, 5/5

I haven’t read the book of Romans in many years. This study guide does an excellent job of reminding me about the Apostle Paul’s teachings. ‘Romans: The Just Shall Live by Faith’ reminds me that God’s truth brings clarity to everyday life, through faith in Christ. This study guide provides us with an extensive overview of God’s plan for mankind’s salvation and it guides us regarding how to live within that plan. This book explores Paul’s expression of faith in his letter to the Roman Christians. It even demonstrates what gospel-driven faith looks like in practice. It carefully helps us to examine God’s grace, truth and purpose for our lives.

After reading this thought-provoking study guide, I am reminded of God’s wonderful gifts to mankind–God’s forgiveness of sin, the dismissal of shame, the gift of righteousness, the gift of salvation, man’s ability to forgive others, and the power of walking in faith. This study guide makes the book of Romans come alive in such a way that readers know where to turn, no matter where they find themselves in their spiritual journey. I think this book can be used in a Bible study environment. I am of the opinion that it will provide excellent discussion-material for Bible study students. It will do this in a manner that is free from religious biasness, so it should be safe to be used in mixed denominational groups. Most importantly, this study guide will motivate readers to become serious about reading the scriptures for themselves. Thanks, Dr. Koh, for a copy of your book.

Ansai Calugan, 5/5

“The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith”- Romans.

Dr. Andrew C.S. Koh (Life Story of Jacob: Genesis 26-36) writes another book about life’s mystery. This time, it focuses on Romans, one of the Bible’s most challenging books. In writing this book, the author has tried faithfully to stick to the themes and flown along with Paul’s ideology and approach. This is the second book written by the same author that I have ever reviewed, and I will say that there are improvements that I have witnessed. Remarkably, this book is easier to read. It also highlights 33 lessons for us readers to understand. The author uses a monologue style in the book’s application section. It is as if you are being given without the need to go to church.

Karen Gurtiza, 5/5

  It’s another self-help book from Dr. Andrew C.S. Koh. Romans: The Just Shall Live by Faith is a bible study of delving deeper thru the book of Romans.

      The apostle Paul is in an important mission in going to Rome and Spain for the Jewish and Gentile Christians. He is to teach basic Christian doctrines on salvation to them. He remains faithful and devoted as he asks for God’s guidance on difficulties that he encounters. Lastly, He entrusted a sister called Phoebe to take the book from Corinth to the church in Rome, which is a notable event and a delicate task in his mission.

      Personally, Romans: The Just Shall Live by Faith is one of the bests of Dr. Andrew C.S. Koh. The messages of the book, the religious themes, are intelligible thru the familiar biblical events and stating an application. Therefore, I give this christian non-fiction a five-star rate for its purpose mainly. In addition is the simplification in the expository style of writing that is essential because in my own opinion, the bible scriptures are one of the most difficult to decrypt.

      I recommend this genre to readers of all ages, specifically the religious ones and those who are in soul-searching. This can also be a material for bible studies. 

Mila Raven, 5/5

I enjoyed reading this study guide to the book of Romans. I rate it 5 stars. “Romans: The Just Shall Live by Faith” can be a helpful resource to persons starting their spiritual journey, as well as for seasoned Christians. It emphasizes and explores Paul’s spiritual messages to the Romans. His letter is an inspired masterpiece of theology that reveals God’s truth, grace and redemption. This book simplifies Paul’s powerful message of the good news and eternal salvation with the church. The book also advises believers on spiritual truths, and how they can live a fulfilled spiritual life. Additionally, the book demonstrates how God’s righteousness is an act of grace through faith in Christ. All in all, this book serves as an essential guide for daily living.

Readers reviews

Romans: The Righteousness of God is Revealed from Faith to Faith by Dr. Andrew C S Koh is a great way to study the Book of Romans. I found the book to be a great study guide and a great time to reflect on myself. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Faith that is found in the Book of Romans, Kevin Booker, 5 stars.

This letter was read by a woman named Phoebe to the people of Rome. The letter is about many different topics. Sanctification is expressed deeply in the letter. The author puts it best when he said that ‘Our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God’. This book clearly states scripture and then summarizes it, making it easy to understand. Recommend, T. Townsend, Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars.

I used this study as a daily devotional and I felt blessed by the writing of Paul and his knowledge and depth of expression to all of us believers. Passages from the Book of Romans are explained, verse-by-verse, passage-by-passage, and chapter-by-chapter over 34 bible study lessons. I plan to share this daily Bible Study with my personal study group and am excited to work and grow with this study once again. Dr. Andrew C S Koh is an excellent author, he allows you to form your own opinions and learn more and dwell more in the steps of Christ. I highly recommend this novel. This is my true and honest review, PAR, Goodreads, 5 stars.

This book is a great Bible study to learn more about the Epistle of Romans written by the Apostle Paul. Each chapter and paragraph is well explained even a layman can understand. Some of the Greek words are translated which makes it more interesting to read and understand, J. Sharmani, Amazon, 5 stars.

As usual, Dr. Koh has written a great book that teaches the reader about the book of Romans in a relatable way to help one along with their studies in Christianity and as a Christian, Rowan E Creech, Bookbub, Goodreads, 5 stars.