Living Word Living Savior

Kindle Launch Date: Dec. 1st, 2023

Living Word, Living Savior, A Portrait of Jesus Through the Eyes of John by Dr. Andrew C S Koh


Deeply inspired by the Gospel of John, Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh, in Living Word, Living Savior, offers readers an insightful and intimate exploration of Jesus Christ’s divine mission and teachings. Through the eyes of John, the beloved disciple, we follow John’s spiritual journey and gain a new understanding of Jesus’ life and purpose.
Living Word, Living Savior is a captivating narrative that dives deep into the spiritual insight of John’s Gospel, delving into its profound and powerful message. It is a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth that illuminates Jesus Christ as both God’s living word and humanity’s ultimate savior.
Inspiring and thought-provoking, Living Word, Living Savior offers readers a unique portrait of Jesus as seen through the eyes of John. As you follow John on his spiritual journey, you will understand Jesus’ life and teachings more clearly. You will see that Jesus is the living word and the savior of humanity. Discover the truth that John uncovered by reading “Living Word, Living Savior” today.

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Georgia Lyonhyde, Book Nook, Reedsy Discovery, Rating 4/5

Living Word, Living Savior: A Portrait of Jesus Through The Eyes of John by Dr Andrew C S. Koh is an intimate portrait of Jesus Christ through the lens of John the Baptist. By walking through the gospel of John, Living Word, Living Savior: A Portrait of Jesus Through The Eyes of John dedicates a coinciding chapter to provide a summary specifically dedicated to worshipping Jesus.  

The book uses simplicity in its retelling of biblical verses making it a book that serves both adults and children well. Readers using older versions of the Bible, or who are new to the faith might rely on this book as a companion to the Gospel of John. Aside from an aid, the book is also a useful way of learning of some of the key stories relating to Jesus, such as the feeding of the five thousand, turning water into Wine, walking on water, and the last supper.  

Given the length of the gospel, the author might have made attempts to provide more detail per chapter. However, there is evidence of their own opinion woven throughout. What I probably appreciated most was that this was a simple presentation of facts rather than someone trying to push an agenda. The strong sense of neutrality meant there was no making a reader feel bad for not holding the same beliefs.

With the absence of profanity, and preaching, this book makes a good baptism/christening/ holy communion gift. It also serves as a gift for someone considering joining/converting to the Christianity faith or wanting a whistle stop tour of one of the religion’s leading figures. Overall, an informative book to devour over time with time for reflection between each chapter as you read alongside the bible,

Amazon Paperback and Hard Cover available, Kindle e-book will be launched on 1/12/2023
Living Word, Living Savior

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Hello! I’m excited to share that my book, “Living Word, Living Savior: A Portrait of Jesus through the Eyes of John,” is now ready for release. After rigorous professional editing and careful proofreading, it’s set to launch on Amazon on December 1, 2023. Don’t miss out on the exclusive pre-order option available for just $0.99! Simply scan the code to secure your copy. Thank you for your support!

Editorial ReviewsE Book Fairs

Sarah Peña, 5/5

Living Word, Living Savior is a condensed biography that examines Christ’s life on earth. It analyzes the factors at play in the background of Jesus’ life and divine impact, as well as the major experiences of Jesus and his disciples. Reading the Bible and getting back in touch with God are two things that are encouraged when reading this book. The book is based on the Gospel of John. It focuses on who Jesus is. He is God in the flesh. It also explains the reason Jesus came from heaven to earth. He came to serve as a living sacrifice for our sins. He died so that we could place our faith in Him and be saved from sin and death. This book also exhorts readers to share their faith and the teachings of Christ with others. The book is a quick read, but even so, I do not mind reading it again and reflecting on its deeper meaning a bit longer.

This book is easy to comprehend, which is another reason I enjoyed reading it. It has given me a fantastic chance to understand more about Jesus and His qualities. This book helps me to re-discover peace and security in my growing relationship with Jesus, so I will definitely recommend it to others who desire this as well. I really enjoyed reading the Bible verses and the exploratory notes that follow each scripture. It really makes you think deeply about the hardships Jesus endured and the divinity He expressed while He lived His earthly life. This book deserves five stars. In my opinion, anyone who wishes to have a deeper connection with God should definitely read this book. 

Altogether, this book is easy to understand, plainly written, and well-researched. It is a good synopsis of John’s Gospel and Jesus’ earthly walk. All in all, I enjoyed reading it and re-learning about Jesus’ life on earth. I am given the opportunity to better comprehend Jesus’ influence on the world, both then and now. Thank you, Dr. Andrew Koh, for writing such a wonderful book.

Danelle Petersen, 5/5

Review of Living Word Living Savior

Thankful for a wonderful 5-star review of Living Word Living Savior by an Ebook Fairs reviewer.

Living Word, Living Saviour: A Portrait of Jesus Through The Eyes of John by Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh gives us a look at Jesus’ life from the apostle John’s point of view. In his book, Dr. Andrew shows us God’s unfailing love and mercy and that he is always willing to forgive if we are willing to repent; he shows us examples of God’s unconditional love and touches on many of Jesus’ encounters with both sinners and repenters as well as the rejection and hate he received when teaching people about the Kingdom of God. Dr. Andrew also mentions the many miracles Jesus performed through God as is documented in the Holy Bible. Living Word, Living Saviour: A Portrait of Jesus Through the Eyes of John, is filled with a powerful message of God’s love and testifies that Jesus saves all those who come through Him.

Reading once again the biblical truths and reminders of why we should keep faith in Living Word, Living Saviour: A Portrait of Jesus Through the Eyes of John was a refreshing and wonderful experience! The themes of love and reverence for the Lord are apparent in Dr. Andrew’s work, and his simple yet interesting interpretations of the scriptures give us a new perspective on what it means to be a true follower of Christ and renew our faith once more. He succeeds in helping us understand the inner workings of God and of the plans God has for us if only we would pay attention. Dr. Andrew’s book serves as a guideline for building a stronger relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I recommend this book to Christians seeking a closer relationship with God and those curious about the teachings of God.  

Karen Gurtiza, 5/5

Every disciple of God has their own testimony of His omnipotence. Living Word Living Savior, A Portrait of Jesus Through The Eyes of John by Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh is one from the faithful John.

It’s a journey of knowing and having a deeper understanding of Jesus, our savior that composes enormous bible scriptures mostly from the gospel of John. Other gospels are from the other disciples and bible characters to supplement the book’s essential and valuable themes. In addition are the biblical events with their moral lessons that some we are familiar of. 

The insights and summaries in every chapter are helpful and self-explanatory, effectively brief and concise. Its narrative and informative styles of writing are well thought of as there is a hint of the author’s intellectually adept persona in his writing. It teaches us about faith, being prayerful, the importance of reading between the lines when it comes to the bible stories. Another important thing is our relationship with God and strengthening it.

I give Living Word Living Savior a five-star rate for the styles of writing and the simplified delegation of the ideas, themes and messages of the book.

Therefore, I recommend this christian non-fiction piece as a self-help, must-have one in our weekend bible studies and to those seeking for some inner peace and enlightenment. 

Carol Cummings, 5/5

“Living Word, Living Savior” is wonderfully and impeccably written by Dr. Andrew Koh. It offers a close-up view of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of the apostle John. This book offers helpful annotations on the most important Jesus-related events from the Gospel of John. To sum up, the author explores Jesus’ relationship with God from before man’s creation, up until Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances. Dr. Koh uses the Gospel of John as a guide, so his writing is always entwined with biblical principles and doesn’t deviate from them. From my reading of this book, I gather that Jesus is consistently portrayed as the divine Son of God. The major message of John’s gospel is that Jesus Christ has shown that He is truly divine through His miracles, His ministry, and His resurrection. The author does an excellent job of highlighting this.

The book’s recounting of biblical scriptures is straightforward. I believe it will be simple enough for both children and adults to read and follow along. You can include this book in your private worship sessions. It can certainly be used by readers to enhance their biblical studies. I definitely have a better knowledge of the Gospel of John now that I have read this book. I think that after you read this book, your faith will become stronger as you learn about Jesus’ life and legacy on earth. Dr. Koh’s book clearly reflects the themes of adoration and reverence for God. His writings open our eyes to fresh knowledge about what it really means to genuinely serve Jesus, our Lord. The book also emphasizes the need to revive our faith. This is important because we sometimes lose perspective on our spiritual selves in an attempt to keep up with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This is why this book is so essential. It can help guide and ground us back to our spiritual center, which is God. The author is successful in illuminating the inner workings of God and His intent for our lives once we surrender ourselves to Him. That is why I give this book 5 stars!

Alejandra Pareja Bossio, 3/5

Is a tremendously perceptive examination of Jesus Christ’s life and teachings as viewed through the Gospel of John. This painstakingly written book takes readers on a fascinating and enlightening journey into the core of Christianity, where religion, theology, and spirituality all intersect.

The author’s style is both intellectual and approachable, making complicated theological themes clear to readers from a wide range of backgrounds. He expertly leads us through the Gospel of John, emphasizing its distinct viewpoint on Jesus as the living Word and living Savior. The author’s work gives insight on the specific themes and theological depth of the Gospel of John, which is frequently considered different from the synoptic Gospels.

The book’s emphasis on faith’s relational aspect is one of its notable features. The author encourages a deeper connection than merely intellectual comprehension by asking readers to consider their own relationship with Jesus. Through the Good news of Holy person John, perusers are directed to experience Jesus as a living presence in their lives, rising above the limits of existence.

The book additionally investigates the rich imagery present in the Good news of John. The writer’s sharp experiences into the “I’m” explanations of Jesus and the different signs and wonders depicted in the text assist perusers with revealing further layers of significance in these entries. This approach upgrades how we might interpret John’s Gospel as well as gives a new point of view on the significant otherworldly bits of insight it conveys.

The author’s respect for the subject is clear throughout the narrative. A work that is both spiritually uplifting and intellectually stimulating is the result of the harmonious combination of his deep faith and scholarly expertise. This book is an important asset for those looking for a more profound comprehension of Jesus Christ, the Good news of John, and the Christian confidence.

All in all, is a breathtakingly created investigation of the Good news of John that welcomes perusers to a significant experience with Jesus as the living Word and Hero. It is a must-read for theologians, pastors, students, and anyone else who wants to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through the lens of John’s Gospel because it combines spiritual depth with academic rigor. A book sustains the brain and the spirit, having an enduring impact on the individuals who draw in with its pages.

Jesses Voyamba, 4/5

The Gospel of John in the scriptures is one book that I hold dearly. Maybe it is because I enjoyed reading about the events and miracles that transpired during the time of Jesus. However, my love for the book of John didn’t suffice for me to know the significance of some of those events and miracles recorded in it. One just read them at face value without meditating on how they can impact one’s life as a Christian. But then, reading the book ‘Living Word Living Savior – A Portrait of Jesus Through the Eyes of John’ by  Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh was aJesse turning point because it opened my eyes to some of the aspects of the book of John that I was oblivious to. 

Living Word Living Savior is a book that takes us through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter. Dr. Koh explains the main themes and messages of John’s Gospel, such as life, light, water, bread, shepherd, and glory. He tells us what each story and miracle reveals about Jesus and his relationship with us. 

 Structured into twenty-one chapters, this book adeptly corresponds with the chapters in the Gospel of John. For instance, in the opening chapter, Dr. Koh skillfully demonstrates how John introduces Jesus as the eternal Word, the creator, and the Son of God, predating the very inception of the world. As one traverses from the first chapter to the final chapter of this book, a profound revelation unfolds: Jesus is not only the eternal Word of God who assumed human form and dwelt among mortals but also the Lamb of God who bestows eternal life through His boundless love, and His triumphant resurrection.

Despite the brevity of each chapter, Dr. Koh did extremely well in drawing practical applications for contemporary Christians to learn and live with. Reading this book will help today’s Christians know how to abide in Christ, worship in spirit and truth, experience God’s grace, peace, and love, and proclaim His word to the world. 

This book was a worthwhile read because it made to appreciate the Gospel of John. I now understand that the book is all-encompassing as it covers the identity of Christ, His authority, what He stands for, and the redemptive purpose of His death and resurrection. 

I appreciate the author’s straightforwardness. Making each chapter brief made the book easy to read. 

I will recommend Living Word Living Savior to Christians who wish to know Christ more. The book will deepen your understanding of John’s Gospel and inspire you to follow Jesus more closely.

Reader’s Reviews

The book explained what Jesus was like and what He did an His mission was on earth. The book also encourage you to do as Jesus told you to do, and that’s making disciples and spread the gospel, Ellen Ebieze, Amazon, 5/5

I recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding into the Gospel of John, Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5/5.

An engaging read through the book of John. Easy to understand, Margarita Bailey, Amazon, rating 5/5.

This book will strengthen your faith in God and has various topics of love, forgiveness. It’s a great way to experience Christ and his teachings in these passages, J Sharmani, Amazon, rating 5/5


Dr Koh is one of the most prolific writers of Biblical studies that I have had the opportunity to read and review. Rather than a devotional, his current work is a novel which takes the reader through the life of Jesus through the mind of John. John has his own and unique read on the life of Jesus, and I believe you will find it most captivating. Andrew takes you through the times of Jesus and his personal interactions with Him, I believe you will enjoy this work and take away a new perspective. I received this novel from StoryOrigin. This is my true and honest opinion, PAR, Amazon, 5 stars.