A poem a day

In nature’s verse, I find my way

With words and rhymes, my soul’s bouquet

A symphony of thoughts, my heart’s display

A poem a day, keeping darkness at bay

Blessed are the words that guide our sight

In holy lines, we find eternal light

The wisdom shared, the truth so bright

A scripture a day, keeping our faith tight

A poem, a scripture, a gift each day

Inspiring hearts, keeping worries at bay

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

The way, the truth, the life,

In You I find my strength, my guide.

You lead me on paths of righteousness,

Through valleys dark, you bring me light.

You are the way, when I am lost,

You lift me up, no matter the cost.

In your footsteps, I choose to tread,

In your presence, I am safely led.

You are the truth, when lies surround,

Your words of wisdom, they confound.

In a world of falsehood, you bring clarity,

In Your teachings, I find purity.

You are the life, in You, I have hope,

You give me joy, when I cannot cope.

In Your presence, I find peace within.

A walk of faith

In darkness I once dwelled, lost and alone,

But Grace shone upon me, my heart turned to stone.

The Cross of Calvary, where my Savior bled,

It was there on that hill, my old life was shed.

I took up my cross, and chose to follow Him,

To deny myself, and let go of my sin.

Through valleys of trials, and mountains so high,

By faith I press on, with hope in my eye.

The Spirit indwelling, guiding my way,

Strengthening my weakness, empowering each day.

In prayer and in Scripture, His Word is my light,

Revealing His truth, and guiding me right.

In fellowship with brethren, we gather and pray,

Encouraging one another, as we walk this narrow way.

Through seasons of sorrow and seasons of joy,

In Christ, I find purpose, in Him I find buoy.

With grace as my anchor, and love as my guide,

I walk this Christian journey, with Christ by my side.

In His presence I find strength, in His peace I abide,

Walking by faith, till I see Him in glory reside.


A writer’s tale

With each word I write,

I find myself anew.

My journey as a writer,

A quest to share what’s true.

Through ink and paper,

My essence takes its flight.

In the written word, I find solace,

Guiding me through day and night.

So here I stand, a writer,

With stories left to tell.

A lifelong journey beckons,

On this path, I’ll dwell.


Words flowing from within,

Imagination taking flight.

Ideas budding, stories growing,

On this path, my pen’s delight.

Embracing the blank page,

My mind an open door.

Characters come to life,

And emotions start to pour.

Through highs and lows I tread,

Criticism a constant friend.

Rejection stings, but fuels my fire,

To keep reaching till the end.

Late nights spent lost in words,

Crafting tales with care.

The power of language, my sword,

To touch hearts everywhere.


Discovery in ink

Words birthed from fertile minds

A poet stumbles forth

Through valleys of verses

And mountains of metaphors

The writer seeks truth

Ink stains on fingertips

Creating worlds from thin air

A journey of words

Muses whisper softly

Ideas dance on the page

The writer’s heart sings

From the depths of darkness

To the heights of inspiration

A story unfolds

Each sentence a step

A writer’s soul revealed

In the lines they weave

Through highs and lows

On this poetic path

A writer finds home.


Silent streets and empty skies,

A world brought down to its demise,

A virus spread from land to land,

Holding all of us in its tight command.

Shops closed down, people in despair,

The pandemic sweeping everywhere,

Doctors and scientists in the fray,

Working tirelessly day by day.

Families torn apart, loved ones lost,

The pandemic came with a massive cost,

We kept our distance, stayed away,

Hoping and praying for a brighter day.

Yet through the darkness, hope did shine,

People came together, fighting the fight,

Soldiers on the front lines took up the chase,

And we emerged stronger in the aftermath of this race.

Bread of Life

I am the Bread of Life.

In me, find true satisfaction.

I am the source of eternal sustenance,

Come to me, and thirst no more.

To those who believe, I give myself,

You will never hunger, never thirst.

I am the way, the truth, and the life,

Through me, find salvation and peace.

Feast on my words, they are life to your soul,

I offer abundant grace and forgiveness.

In me, discover the fulfillment of your deepest longings,

For I am the Bread of Life.

A doc’s life

The steady hands heal,

Forty years of medicine’s zeal,

Through triumphs and sorrows,

Witnessing life’s tomorrows.

Midnight calls, emergencies arise,

Silent battles fought behind wise eyes,

Broken hearts and bodies mend,

A doctor’s service has no end.

Lines etched on a weathered face,

A lifetime of caring, in each embrace,

Brightening lives, relieving pain,

A doctor’s legacy shall forever remain.

With compassion, wisdom, and skill,

Patient after patient, healing will,

Forty years of selfless devotion,

A doctor’s soul in eternal motion.

Light of the World

Illuminating darkness,

the eternal light.

In a world consumed by shadows,

Your radiance shines so bright.

A beacon of hope and truth,

Guiding lost souls to the way.

With love and forgiveness,

You bring us closer each day.

Through Your teachings and wisdom,

You lead us on the right path.

In a world filled with chaos,

You offer peace that will last.

In our darkest moments,

You are there to show the way.

With Your presence and grace,

You turn night into day.

Light of the world,

You bring us joy and cheer.

With your glorious presence,

We have nothing to fear.

You are the ultimate illuminator,

You remove all life’s blight.

Thank you for being

The true light in our sight.

From doctor to author

White coats and stethoscopes

Now replaced with pen and paper

From doctor to author, my journey began

Words became my instruments to heal

Prescribing stories and narratives instead of pills

Ink flowing through my veins, replacing medicine’s rush

The operating room transformed into a blank page

The human experience, my new operating table

Through words, I navigate the complexities of life

Healing hearts with tales spun with compassion and insight

From doctor to author, a metamorphosis complete

A new book born

A tale spun, a journey complete,

Words now rest, in pages neat.

A new book born, its story told,

Mentally exhausted, yet hearts unfold.

Ink-stained nights and endless thought,

Characters danced, emotions sought.

Pages brimming with creativity’s flair,

A masterpiece born from dreams laid bare.
Minds now rest, a well-earned reprieve,

The author’s soul, a masterpiece to weave.

A new book completed, a journey’s cost, Mentally exhausted, yet not truly lost.