Bible Study: 2 Corinthians Introduction

2 Corinthians, Introduction:

Author, Date, and Recipients:


Scholars believed that Paul wrote 2 Corinthians between 55 to 56 AD from Macedonia during his third missionary journey, about 1 year after 1 Corinthians and 1 year before Romans. This was probably the fourth letter that he wrote to the Corinthian church. Scholars believed that two letters of Paul to the Corinthians church did not survive through history. 


After spending three years in Ephesus, Paul visited the churches in Macedonia. In Macedonia, Paul met his protégé and spiritual god-son in the faith, who updated him with news about the church in Corinth. 






Paul vindicated his apostolic ministry, strengthened the faith of the Corinthian Christians, and offered the rebellious minority a chance to repent before his return to Corinth. 




Paul confronted the false apostles, whom he called ministers of satan, who peddled heretic doctrines,  opposed Paul’s apostleship, and disputed his apostolic credentials.


The message of the cross, God’s righteousness, transforming power of the Holy Spirit,  Jesus Christ, Saviour and universal Judge of the world. The Holy Spirit as a guarantee for Christian’s end-time resurrection.


Paul encouraged the Corinthian Christians to endure hardships, tribulations, sufferings, and persecutions.




     1:1-24, salutation, the God of all comfort, godly sincerity

    2:1-17, triumph in Christ

3:1-18, Christ’s epistle, the Holy Spirit, the glory of the New Covenant




4:1-18, the light of Christ’s gospel in jars of clay, seeing the invisible

    5:1-21, assurance of resurrection, the judgment seat of Christ, substitutionary atonement

6:1-18, the hallmarks of a true apostle, warning against the false apostles 

7:1-16, the Corinthian’s repentance, godly sorrow versus worldly sorrow

8:1-25, collection for the mother church 

9:1-15, principles of sowing and reaping  

10:1-18, spiritual warfare, confronting the false apostles

11:1-33, confronting the false apostles, an angel of light, the hallmarks of a true apostle 

12:1-21, raptured into paradise, a thorn in the flesh, the credentials of a true apostle 

13:1-14, Final encouragements and benediction 




Times had not changed. Today, we still have false teachers who peddled false doctrines and heresies. Heresies and false doctrines are dangerous and should be rejected at all costs.




Heavenly Father, thank You for journeying with us through Paul’s epistle of 2 Corinthians. Open our eyes to see the truth of scripture. Help us to encounter You through Your living Word of eternal life, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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