The Year 2022 in review

Dr. Andrew C S Koh

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double rainbow

Hey shalom, 2022 is almost over. We are only weeks away from Christmas! This year has been busy and hectic. Apart from Amazon, I have managed to distribute my books to more than 10 bookstores including big names like Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Indigo, Tolino, Vivlio, Scribd, Hoopla, Baker & Taylor and a few more. The books has gone worldwide across the globe for the kingdom of God!

Apart from writing and punishing, I also volunteered my services to the local church for the kingdom of God. This will certainly store up treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy, and where thieves and robbers cannot break in to steal and rob. 

I have now shifted focus from writing commentaries to writing daily devotions. The first daily devotion Manna of Life will be launched in Amazon when I have sufficient reviews. 


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