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Audiobook enthusiasts, brace yourselves! A new audiobook release is just around the corner. The upcoming audiobook is titled “Memoirs of a Doctor” and is brought to you by a talented author, Dr. Andrew C S Koh. With his exceptional writing skills combined with the astonishing narration, this audiobook is going to be an enthralling experience for everyone who loves Biography and Memoirs. The audiobook tells a story of a Malaysian doctor from his childhood to retirement. This captivating tale of adventure, education, friendship, careers, loss of friends, loss of health, etc. will be a hit among listeners. The narration is done by the multi-talented voice actor, Hope Baker and she does an exceptional job of bringing the book to life.The audiobook has been produced by “Findaway Voices” a company known for their high-quality audiobooks. The release date of “Memoirs of a Doctor is set for June 20th and will be available for purchase through popular audiobook platforms. The total listening time for the audiobook is 2 hours and forty minutes, making it an ideal companion for short drives or relaxation time. Don’t miss out on this fantastic listening experience Here is a free pre-release audiobook.


Dr. Andrew C S Koh, is an author, publisher, blogger, retired cardiologist, and Bible expositor. His first book, Memoirs of a Doctor, told the amazing story of his spiritual journey and full recovery from tetraplegia. Since then, he has authored 36 Christian books, including commentaries on every book of the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation. He studied Theology at Laidlaw Bible College, Auckland, New Zealand. Connect with him at

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