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A Spiritual Odyssey

In 2019, I embarked on a spiritual journey to Galilee, a sacred place resonating with biblical history. I stayed at a hotel near the Sea of Galilee and took a boat ride on the historic waters. During the ride, I listened to spiritually uplifting songs and felt a profound sense of holiness. The journey culminated in a humble feast of a local delicacy, St. Peter’s Fish, evoking a communion with the past. The trip, rich in moving and spiritual segments, left a lasting impression on me

Harmony of Wind and Song

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In 2019, me and 30 other people traveled to Galilee, which is a significant and sacred place.

The Sea of Galilee was the place where Jesus dedicated a considerable amount of time, performing so many miracles such as feeding the 5000, walking on water, calming storms, and many others.

I was always interested in the stories of Jesus and His disciples. This trip promised to make those stories come alive in a meaningful way.

A Hotel by the Sea of Galilee

Upon our arrival, we checked into a cozy hotel nestled near the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The view from my room was amazing, with calm waters below a wide blue sky. It was a fitting start to what would prove to be an extraordinary adventure.

Setting Sail on Sacred Water

The next morning, we decided to take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, like Jesus and His disciples did two thousand years ago. The moment I stepped onto that boat, I could feel a powerful sense of anointing in the air. It was as if the Holy Spirit was welcoming me on this journey.

While sailing in the Sea of Galilee, the wind got stronger, making the experience more exciting. We were captivated by the mesmerizing performance of a talented vocalist who delivered moving Christian songs to uplift our spirits. I got absorbed in the music and the soothing motion of the boat. It was a moment of true spiritual connection.

Gazing toward the horizon, we could make out two mountain ranges separated by a valley. Strong winds rushing down this valley frequently produce rapid thunderstorms due to wind tunnel effect.

Throw Back

Two thousand years ago, the disciples spent the whole night on a fishing boat here, but didn’t catch any fish. Then, Jesus instructed them to lower their nets once more, and as they did, the nets became filled with fish to the point of breaking. Overwhelmed by this miraculous catch, Peter fell to his knees before Jesus, acknowledging his own sinfulness.

Feasting on St. Peter’s fish

After our memorable boat ride, we were treated to a meal of St. Peter’s fish and chips. The fish was caught fresh from the Sea of Galilee. Savoring this local delicacy felt like a communion into the past. I thought about the disciples who had fished in these waters. It was a humbling experience.

Reflections on Galilee

Thinking about the meaningful moments of that day, I gazed out at the Sea of Galilee. Galilee left a lasting impression on me. I knew this trip would be unforgettable. It was a journey that touched my soul, reminding me of the timeless beauty and spirituality that permeates this sacred land.

In the end, my visit to Galilee in 2019 was not just a vacation; it was a spiritual odyssey. It was a journey that allowed me to step back in time and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Sometimes, the most powerful travel experiences are the ones that touch your heart and soul unexpectedly. Galilee did just that, and I will forever be grateful for the memories and the moments of inspiration it gave me.

Have you visited Galilee? share you experience in the comment below.


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Galilee Song
Deep within my heart, I feel voices whispering to me.
Words that I can’t understand; meanings I must clearly hear!
Calling me to follow close, lest I leave myself behind!
Calling me to walk into evening shadows one more time!

So I leave my boats behind!
Leave them on familiar shores!
Set my heart upon the deep!
Follow you again, my Lord!

In my memories, I know how you send familiar rains
Falling gently on my days, dancing patterns on my pain!
And I need to learn once more in the fortress of my mind,
To believe in falling rain as I travel deserts dry!

So I leave my boats behind!
Leave them on familiar shores!
Set my heart upon the deep!
Follow you again, my Lord!

As I gaze into the night down the future of my years,
I’m not sure I want to walk past horizons that I know!
And I need to learn once more like a stirring deep within,
Restless, ’til I live again beyond the fears that close me in!

So I leave my boats behind!
Leave them on familiar shores!
Set my heart upon the deep!
Follow you again, my Lord!

Frank Andersen

Oh Dr. Koh! Good for you!!
I am so happy that you were allotted the time you had in 2019 in Galilee.
Thank you for sharing your testimony of your experiences.
I enjoyed reading about them tremendously!

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