short story

Short story: Touching the hem of God

On the streets of Capernaum, I carried with me for years the name that would become associated with me, the woman with blood issues.

I was sick and felt weak and hopeless. However, I still had faith in my heart. One day, something happened that completely changed my life.

One morning, I heard whispers of Jesus being a miracle healer, and his stories of compassion and power to cure quickly sparked hope in me. Somehow I knew He held the key to my freedom from my affliction; thus inspiring faith and hope as I journeyed on a trip to search for Him and witness His power firsthand.

I inched forward slowly through the crowd of a mix of multitudes. Although it was challenging to approach Jesus in my condition, my strong desire for healing pushed me forward, overriding any doubts or concerns I had.

As I neared Him closer, excitement mixed with nervousness moved within my soul. I looked upon Jesus, fully understanding this was my moment for redemption. Even a simple touch of his robe had the power to unleash miraculous healing. I confidently moved through the crowd, feeling my faith grow with each step. I had a peaceful confidence in His power, knowing that my breakthrough was nearby.

At that moment, Jesus passed by, and I touched the hem of His robe. Instantly, I felt a powerful surge of energy flowing through me, as if healing was flowing from Him and into me. Within moments, years of pain vanished with no trace. The blood stopped flowing, and pain and weakness no longer plagued me, they were completely vanquished.

While I stood there in awe, Jesus looked around and asked, “Who touched me?” His disciples were startled, but He persisted in searching for someone whose faith had released His healing powers.

With fear and trembling, I stepped forward and admitted that I was the one who had touched Him. I then honestly shared my testimony with Him and the crowd. Jesus looked upon me with mercy and gently told me my faith had indeed healed me. He bestowed peace on me.

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. From that day forward, my life took on new meaning as an example of God’s power and healing presence in my life.

After experiencing this divine encounter with Jesus Christ, I felt forever thankful and loved. Not only was He instrumental in healing me from my past struggles; now my future holds promise because of Him.

This story comes from Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48, and Matthew 9:20–22.