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40 Books, 40 Blessings

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I want to share with you a remarkable milestone in my life’s journey—the joy of crafting 40 Christian non-fiction books. I am grateful for the journey that brought me to this achievement.

The Beginning

I started my journey as a Christian author with a simple idea and a strong desire to share God’s Word. I have written various forms of Christian literature over the years, such as novellas, commentaries, Bible study guides, and devotionals. These books have been my way of reaching out to a world hungry for spiritual nourishment.

Bestsellers and Beyond

I never expected that 16 of my books would become “Amazon bestsellers”. Each time my work was ranked as a bestseller, it not only acknowledged my efforts but also highlighted the strong desire for spiritual truth in our world today.

Surpassing Sales Milestones

The journey also took me to incredible sales milestones. Four of my books have surpassed 3,000 copies sold, reflecting the hunger for faith-based content in today’s readers. Six books have exceeded 2,000 copies sold, and an additional six have reached the 1,000-copies-sold mark. These numbers are more than statistics; they are testimonies to the impact of God’s Word and the power of storytelling.

Giving Glory to God

At this moment of reflection, I want to give all glory to God. It is through His grace and inspiration that I have been able to write these books. Each word, each story, and each message is a testament to His presence in my life.

Thank You Dear Readers

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all my readers, from across the globe and far and wide. Your support, encouragement, and hunger for spiritual growth have been my driving force. You have made this journey worthwhile, and I am deeply grateful.


I am celebrating a great achievement of writing 40 Christian non-fiction books. This milestone reminds me of a meaningful verse from the Bible, Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” With Christ as my guide and source of strength, I look forward to continuing this journey of faith and writing, knowing that there are many more stories to tell and hearts to touch.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. May God’s blessings continue to abound in your lives.