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Memoirs of a Doctor: testimonials

Memoirs of a Doctor is the story of my life. This story began from my birthday on 11th January 1952 until my retirement day on 11th Jan 2020. The purpose of my memoir is to document my life story as a legacy for my family, relatives, and friends. The story traces back to the tough beginnings of the 1950s when life and society were very backward, when industrialization, computerization, social media, and automation were unheard of. Life was slow and leisurely, letters were sent and read through the postal service, and communication was slow, and perhaps inefficient by today’s standard. This book is divided into 8 chapters, each chapter describing a particular stage of my life, with photos relevant to each chapter and a poem before each chapter. The story unfolds with each chapter and culminates with the testimony of my retirement in 2020. There are certainly many valuable life lessons to be learned from a story covering a span of so many years. If any reader is inspired to trust in God, excel in life, and persevere in the face of adversity, this book would have achieved its purpose.


Bishop Ng Moon Hing, Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia

Indeed, a truthful and insightful journey of life a doctor, Dr. Andrew C S Koh. This is an easy and interesting book and when someone picks up to read, he will not put it down until the last page. A true, interesting, and colorful life story of an ordinary person who becomes a cardiologist with the help and guidance of the one and true God, Jesus Christ. This book indicates to us that though we may not believe or know God, He is always there planning and guiding our lives. The author wishes to share with his readers that when one does know this God, Jesus Christ, He will even more ready to prepare and usher him towards the direction where he can find security, meaning, blessings, and joy. The panoramic view of a village boy to a city doctor, interspersed with beautiful poems, has shown how an honest, innocent young person faced and swam in the ocean of many sophisticated and challenging turbulence. His faith in Jesus Christ has become an oasis for him in the world of struggles, unending expectations, and stressful pressures. A book I find great relief and comfort for the soul.

Dr. Robert, USA:

Dr. Koh provided glimpses of his life through the years in a short, loveable, and easy-to-read book. I enjoyed his reminiscing about the kind of life he used to live in the cities and villages in Malaysia before the arrival of social media. His varied experiences as a government, private, and military physician were a novelty to read as well. I would have wanted him to elaborate more on some of the key events in his life, so perhaps there’s room for a sequel or version 2.0?

Dr Wong Che Hoa, Malaysia:

A well-written Memoir by Dr. Andrew C S Koh, a personal friend for the past 30 years. It provides inspiration to all young aspirants who want to emulate Dr. Andrew‘s footsteps to success both professionally and spiritually. Congratulations on the well-written and meticulous recapture of your life history in words. May God bless you abundantly.

Dr. Kevin, Malaysia:

Such a sweet and colorful life you lead through with God being with you with or without your knowledge as He scripts your life. May God lead us through the current Covid storm. Amen and praise to Him!

Rev. Ng Wah Lok:

Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle, Sri Damansara, Malaysia

Principal of Tung Ling Seminary (1999-2019)

I found reading this book very inspiring as Dr. Andrew Koh shares stories about his childhood, education, a career in different towns, marriage and family, loss of friends, close encounter with paralysis, travels, and most of all his love for the Bible. The memoirs include some of his personal poems with the latest one about the Covid 19. Underlining the memoir is his faithfulness to God’s Word, and living a productive and impactful life. At the end of the reading, you will find that God has been his faithful guide and shield all through his life.

Dato KRA Naidu, Malaysia:

Memoirs of a Doctor is an excellent autobiography by Dr. Andrew C S Koh, my ex-student in MES Tanjong Malim way back in 1969. This book took me onto an extraordinary roller coaster ride through the time tunnel of history from 1952 to 2020 from Tanjong Malim across continents. It was undoubtedly an extraordinary journey of faith. It would be amazing if one has a chance to go back in time to live life differently, to change the course of history, and to rectify certain events. Going back in time is an enriching experience and at times painful. A memorable, well-written, enjoyable, and lovely memoir to touch lives, Congratulations.

Carol, Malaysia:

Dr. Koh has portrayed an excellent abstract of his life story defining significant times such as childhood and adolescence, and the times he was touched by the grace of God. It is an interesting book, full of the spices of life, touching, sad, and sweet reminiscences of his past that will stir the heart of any reader. It is extremely well-written with a few sweet little poems here and there. Passionate touches of God in his life give one great inspiration and encouragement to strive on.

Daniel Wong, Malaysia:

My sheep hears my voice and follow me. In a nutshell, Dr. Koh bears testimony to what the Word of God is saying to him even to this very day. There is no shadow of a doubt that he has heard the voice of the Lord Jesus our chief shepherd. Shalom. I am truly encouraged by the memoirs of Dr. Andrew Koh. Praise and glory to the Lamb of God. Amen.

Pastor Joshua Tan, Malaysia:

A very inspiring and encouraging masterpiece presented enthusiastically and passionately. Clearly, the hand of God is with Dr. Andrew C S Koh and transforming him from a nobody into a giant for the Kingdom of God. Go forth, the best is yet to come. May you continue to be a blessing to many via your writings and other endeavors.

Steven Heoe, Auckland, New Zealand:

Dr. Andrew C S Koh’s memoir is a beautiful narration of his life story and journey of faith. It is written in simple English and the book is easy to read. You will be encouraged and inspired, as I was, by his stories and his life as a Christian.