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Ink of Inspiration

Touching lives through books

Many years ago, I felt a calling that transcended the boundaries of ordinary existence- a Bible teaching ministry through books. Little did I know that this calling would lead me on a remarkable journey, where I would author 34 Christian books and touch the lives of thousands of readers. As I reflected on this incredible journey, I am humbled and grateful for the privilege of impacting so many lives through books.

Purpose and Calling

From the very first book I penned, I knew there was something special about this journey. Writing Christian books was a sacred calling that spoke directly to my soul. Every word I penned was guided by the Holy Spirit. It was this profound sense of purpose that kept me steadfast in my ministry.

Reader magnets

As I delved into the world of publishing, I discovered the concept of reader magnet as a gift of faith to readers. These reader magnets attracted readers from all over the world, creating a beautiful connection of shared faith and devotion.

Digital Revolution

Embracing the digital age, I took my ministry to online platforms and digital stores. This shift expanded my reach beyond boundaries, borders, and time zones, connecting me to readers of diverse backgrounds from across the globe.

Impacting lives

Every heartfelt testimonial I received carried the essence of lives transformed, spirits lifted, and faith rekindled. Stories of personal growth and spiritual awakening touched my heart beyond words.


Meet Dr. Andrew C S Koh—a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of roles and achievements. He excels as an author, publisher, blogger, podcaster, Bible teacher, cardiologist, and medical director. With an impressive repertoire of 40 published books to his name, he has proven his prowess as a prolific writer. Additionally, he pursued theology studies at Laidlaw College in Auckland, New Zealand, further enriching his knowledge and expertise.

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