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Peter’s Redemption

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A Tale of Love, Forgiveness, and Divine Calling

In the realm of biblical narratives, few stories resonate as deeply as that of Peter’s redemption. Found within the verses of John 21:15–19, this powerful account paints a vivid picture of love’s resilience, the grace of forgiveness, and the transformative nature of divine calling. Let’s delve into the heart of this narrative as if Apostle Peter himself were sharing the story.

Rediscovering Faith After Denial

Picture the scene: a serene shore, a crackling fire, and the presence of the risen Lord. The morning sun casts a warm glow on the disciples gathered around the fire, cooking fish. This seemingly ordinary moment holds extraordinary significance, for it unfolds after the resurrection of our Lord.

The Lord, having returned to us, invites us to share the fish we caught. Amid stories and laughter, a mixture of emotions swirl within me – joy, awe, and a pang of guilt for my threefold denial during His crucifixion.

Embracing Divine Purpose

As we finish our meal, the Lord turns to me with that all-knowing smile of His. He asks, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” His words pierce my heart, a reminder of my denials. Summoning courage, I reply, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.
His gaze is gentle yet penetrating. “Feed my lambs,” He says. In those words, I feel a profound sense of purpose. I’m entrusted with His flock, a weighty yet honorable responsibility.

A Journey of Redemption

Again, He asks, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” The pain of my denials resurfaces, but this time, my voice is steadier: “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” His response, “Tend my sheep,” reaffirms my calling to shepherd His people.

A third time, He asks, and I feel the weight of my past mistakes. “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” His nod conveys compassion and affirmation. “Feed my sheep,” He instructs.
In those three questions lies a deeper meaning. They’re about more than love; they’re about commitment to His mission, dedication to guiding and nurturing faith.

The Lord speaks of challenges ahead, and in that moment, I sense renewed purpose. I’m forgiven, restored, and entrusted with a divine calling. My denials are not my end; they’re a stepping stone to a greater journey of faith, love, and service.


The story of Peter’s redemption echoes through time, a testament to the human capacity for growth and change. It speaks of love’s power to heal, forgiveness’s ability to restore, and divine calling’s capacity to transform.

As we reflect on this tale, may we find solace in our own journeys. May we remember that our mistakes don’t define us, but rather, they shape us for a purpose greater than we can imagine. Just as Peter found redemption, we too can find our path to healing and purpose.

So, let’s embrace our stories, acknowledging our imperfections while seeking the divine calling that guides us toward a brighter future.

Has the story of Peter’s redemption resonated with you? Share your thoughts and reflections in the comments below.

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article testimony

My Testimony Revisited

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From Free-Thinker to Faith-Believer


Join me as I revisit a pivotal chapter in my life—a journey that took me from being a free-thinking skeptic to a firm believer in faith. Born and raised in the quaint town of Tanjong Malim, Malaysia, my story is one of transformation, resilience, and the undeniable power of God’s grace.

A Carefree Upbringing

Reflecting on my early years, I recount a life free from religious beliefs, despite my parents’ adherence to Taoist practices and ancestral worship. From my primary school days to my upper six grades, I proudly identified as a “free-thinker,” untouched by the concepts of God or faith-based practices.

A Glimpse of Light

The winds of change began to blow when I entered the University of Malaya in 1972. Through the Varsity Christian Fellowship, I was introduced to Christianity—a faith that was foreign to me until then. Bible studies, Christian fellowships, and church retreats paved the way for a newfound understanding of spirituality.

Embracing the Gospel

In the midst of life’s challenges, I encountered the Gospel once again. The message of Jesus as God in human form and His selfless sacrifice resonated deeply within me. With a heartfelt prayer, I made the life-altering decision to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord—an unwavering commitment that would reshape my life.

A Transformed Life

The transformation that followed was nothing short of miraculous. Christianity brought me an inner peace and purpose I had never experienced before. Gratitude, humility, and contentment became my companions, leading me to focus on God and others. Through the ups and downs, my trust in Jesus grew, guiding me through life’s challenges.

Triumph Over Adversity

In a chilling December of 2019, a life-altering accident left me paralyzed. But through God’s mercy and grace, I defied the odds and fully recovered, confounding expectations. This profound experience solidified my faith in Jesus, igniting a deeper sense of gratitude for His unwavering presence in my life.

Witnesses of His Transformative Power

As I conclude this journey through my testimony, I invite you to witness the transformative power of faith in action. From a skeptical free-thinker to a faithful believer, my story is a testament to the remarkable changes that can occur when we open our hearts to God’s grace. Join me in embracing the journey, and may you find inspiration in the boundless possibilities of faith.

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Serendipitous Connection

The Impact of Small Acts of Kindness

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In the tapestry of life, there are moments that emerge unexpectedly, weaving joy and inspiration into our days. Join me as I recount a heartwarming encounter that holds a profound message about the power of human connection and the impact of simple acts of kindness. This is the story of “A Serendipitous Connection: The Impact of Small Acts of Kindness.

Unraveling the Story:

Picture this: a regular day, a knock on the door, and there stood a gentleman in a flawless pilot’s uniform. The uniform spoke volumes—he was an airplane captain. With a warm smile and a spark of familiarity in his eyes, we exchanged greetings, and a remarkable journey of remembrance began.

Discovering the Thread:

As we conversed, the puzzle pieces of our connection started falling into place. He shared a tale that intertwined the chapters of his life, a tale in which I played an unexpected role. A bloody struggle in a hospital room for every breath against an ethereal foe defined his youth. In those challenging times, our paths converged.

Heartfelt Gratitude

In the midst of his struggle, my name found its way into his narrative. It was a surprise—an earnest gratitude for a kindness I had extended during his darkest days. In those moments, my simple gestures of encouragement and support provided him with solace and hope, becoming a source of comfort in the face of uncertainty.

Inspiration Through Connection:

Listening to his account was nothing short of inspirational. Fate had orchestrated our meeting, weaving our lives together in ways beyond imagination. Today, that once-ailing young man soars in the skies as a testament to his resilience—a testament to how small acts can shape destinies.

The Ripple Effect of Kindness:

This encounter underscores the ripple effect of unexpected acts of kindness. A supportive gesture, a reassuring presence—these seemingly small actions can ripple through time, leaving a lasting impact on lives. It’s a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity and the potential for positive change, one gesture at a time.

Renewed Purpose

As our conversation drew to a close, I was left with a renewed sense of purpose. Our choices, the compassion we extend—they echo far beyond the moment, touching lives and crafting shared experiences. This serendipitous meeting served as a reminder of the profound influence we have on others, and the beautiful tapestry of memories we create together.


In a world brimming with unexpected connections, this tale of serendipity emphasizes that every gesture matters. From simple acts of kindness to unforeseen encounters, our lives are woven together in a web of shared experiences. Let this story inspire us to continue spreading positivity, for even the smallest actions can transform lives and create cherished memories.

Do you have any inspiring stories that have affected you profoundly? Please share in the comments below:


A Blogger’s Life

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The Personal Odyssey of Blogging: Navigating Uncharted Waters

Three years ago, I embarked on a blogging journey that was similar to sailing into an unknown ocean. Little did I realize that the road ahead would be full of challenges, victories, and valuable lessons. As I reflect on my journey, the three key elements to becoming a successful blogger are: dedication, practice, and a willingness to learn.

During the early stages of my blog, I faced obstacles that challenged my resolve. It was a challenge to create engaging content. I was faced with an age-old problem: how do I keep my readers interested and coming back to read more? Deciphering SEO algorithms was also a challenge. These challenges pushed me to learn more, seek knowledge, and refine my craft.

There were also moments of inspiration or insight, which brought a feeling of fulfillment. I still remember how exciting it was to write a blog that connected with readers, and started discussions online with people who shared similar interests. These small victories were beacons of inspiration, which helped me keep going even when uncertainty threatened. has been a constant ally in this journey. The user-friendly WordPress interface was a haven of creativity. It offered a variety of tools that helped me turn my blogging dreams into reality. I was able to customize the design and layout of my website in order to reflect my personal style. They also offered online courses that helped me improve my skills. is a great tool that simplifies technicalities, allowing me to share my stories, thoughts, and insights. Join me as I navigate this constantly changing landscape.

What strategies have you used to overcome them? What strategies did you use to overcome these challenges? Please share your stories, successes, and lessons in the comments below.

We can use our collective wisdom to chart our own unique paths as we explore the world of blogging. In the spirit of camaraderie, I look forward to connecting with all of you as we travel through the blogosphere.


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short story

Short story: Touching the hem of God

On the streets of Capernaum, I carried with me for years the name that would become associated with me, the woman with blood issues.

I was sick and felt weak and hopeless. However, I still had faith in my heart. One day, something happened that completely changed my life.

One morning, I heard whispers of Jesus being a miracle healer, and his stories of compassion and power to cure quickly sparked hope in me. Somehow I knew He held the key to my freedom from my affliction; thus inspiring faith and hope as I journeyed on a trip to search for Him and witness His power firsthand.

I inched forward slowly through the crowd of a mix of multitudes. Although it was challenging to approach Jesus in my condition, my strong desire for healing pushed me forward, overriding any doubts or concerns I had.

As I neared Him closer, excitement mixed with nervousness moved within my soul. I looked upon Jesus, fully understanding this was my moment for redemption. Even a simple touch of his robe had the power to unleash miraculous healing. I confidently moved through the crowd, feeling my faith grow with each step. I had a peaceful confidence in His power, knowing that my breakthrough was nearby.

At that moment, Jesus passed by, and I touched the hem of His robe. Instantly, I felt a powerful surge of energy flowing through me, as if healing was flowing from Him and into me. Within moments, years of pain vanished with no trace. The blood stopped flowing, and pain and weakness no longer plagued me, they were completely vanquished.

While I stood there in awe, Jesus looked around and asked, “Who touched me?” His disciples were startled, but He persisted in searching for someone whose faith had released His healing powers.

With fear and trembling, I stepped forward and admitted that I was the one who had touched Him. I then honestly shared my testimony with Him and the crowd. Jesus looked upon me with mercy and gently told me my faith had indeed healed me. He bestowed peace on me.

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. From that day forward, my life took on new meaning as an example of God’s power and healing presence in my life.

After experiencing this divine encounter with Jesus Christ, I felt forever thankful and loved. Not only was He instrumental in healing me from my past struggles; now my future holds promise because of Him.

This story comes from Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48, and Matthew 9:20–22.

article short story

The Miracle Lunch Box

On a day, near the Sea of Galilee, I decided to offer my lunch, consisting of five barley loaves and two fish to Jesus. Little did I anticipate that this simple gesture would transform into a feast for thousands of people.

As the crowd gathered around Jesus, eager to hear His teachings, I searched for a spot where I could listen attentively. Despite my hunger, I knew that my meager lunch wouldn’t suffice for such a number of people. Jesus started to speak. His words captivated us all for hours on end.

As the sun started its descent, hunger began to gnaw at the crowd. Jesus turned to His disciples and inquired about acquiring food for everyone. Philip expressed doubts about the feasibility of feeding such a multitude. It was then that Andrew noticed my lunch box and led me towards Jesus.

With anticipation, I presented Him with my offering. Jesus offered up a prayer to His Father, blessed the food before Him, broke it into pieces and started distributing it among the crowd. To my amazement, those five loaves and two fish multiplied miraculously, continuously satisfying everyone’s hunger. Enough to feed 5000 men, and there were even leftovers!

This miracle extended beyond satiating their physical appetite; it touched their hearts deeply and provided them with spiritual nourishment as well. From that day I dedicated myself wholeheartedly as a follower of Jesus Christ. Spreading His teachings with unwavering enthusiasm.

Word quickly spread about the event, attracting people from near and far who were eager to witness the power of Jesus. I eagerly shared my account, emphasizing the profound truth that even the smallest offering can hold immense significance in the hands of the Almighty.
The miraculous occurrence, with the lunch box served as a reminder of God’s unwavering provision and boundless love. Every time I encounter bread or fish it instantly brings back memories of that day by the Sea of Galilee.

As time went on I was fortunate enough to witness an array of miracles performed by Jesus, – healing, feeding, and even raising the dead. However, among all these awe-inspiring events there was something about the miracle involving that humble lunch box. It reminded me to offer everything I have to Jesus, no matter how small, and trust that He can use it in amazing ways.

Reflecting upon that day fills my heart with gratitude for having been a partaker, in such a divine moment. My simple meal transformed into a testament to God’s provision and unending love. Now countless individuals are inspired by this memory – it continues to ignite faith and instill hope within their hearts.


Press release

Dr. Andrew C S Koh
A New Captivating Novel, ”The Way, the Truth, and the Life, Daily Devotions,” takes Readers on an Unforgettable Journey
Accomplished independent author Dr. Andrew C S Koh from Perak, Malaysia, has announced the release of his highly anticipated novel, “The Way, the Truth, and the Life, Daily Devotions”. A devotional that offers spiritual guidance and inspiration to captivate readers from start to finish.
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“The Way, the Truth, and the Life Daily Devotions” is a labor of love that has been months in the making,” says Dr. Andrew C S Koh. I wanted to create a devotional that not only entertains but also resonates with readers on a deeper level.
Reviewers have praised “The Way, the Truth, and the Life, Daily Devotions” for its engaging storytelling and ability to captivate readers until the end. One reviewer described it as “a truly beautiful work that will help the reader to walk in the path of our Lord Jesus”.
Dr. Andrew C S Koh is working with popular book promotion websites and using different online platforms to engage with readers and promote “The Way, the Truth, and the Life, Daily Devotions”. Join the conversation on social media. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and participate in exclusive giveaways and events.
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For more details about Dr. Andrew C S Koh and “The Way, the Truth, and the Life, Daily Devotions,” visit To request a review copy or schedule an interview, contact Dr. Andrew C S Koh at
.Dr. Andrew C S Koh is an accomplished author, having published more than 40 Christian non-fiction novels, biographies and memoirs, Bible study guides, commentaries, and devotionals on the New and Old Testaments. He is an author, blogger, podcaster, Bible teacher, and cardiologist. He studied theology at Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand.
Media Contact: Dr. Andrew C S Koh,,