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Memoirs of a Doctor

“Memoirs of a Doctor” offers you an engrossing journey into the life of a medical professional, theologian, and resilient soul. His tale reminds you to cherish every moment in life while keeping faith at its center.

Reflections on a 68-Year-Life Story

A Journey Through Time


In an age when stories are often shared through social media updates, reading a memoir is something truly captivating. A memoir allows readers to travel back in time and experience another’s journey firsthand.

Welcome to my journey as a doctor. I want to share my memoir with you, which spans 68 years of memories and meaningful experiences.

From Birth to Retirement

This memoir begins in 1952 with the author’s birth—an unassuming and humble start that would ultimately touch many lives. Through each chapter, you will witness personal and professional development across milestones celebrated and endured along the way.

Tanjong Malim to New Zealand

Growing up in Tanjong Malim, the author recalls European missionaries’ visits, which brought with them not only gospel preaching but also entertaining movie nights that left an indelible mark on young minds.

The tale then takes an international leap, traveling across continents to New Zealand, where the author pursued higher education. A change of scenery provides new opportunities and challenges, opening up further explorations of faith and purpose.

Addressing the Asian Financial Crisis

This memoir transports you back to 1997, an eventful year marked by the Asian Financial Crisis that affected Malaysia with depreciating currency and stock market changes, leaving residents reeling financially until an opportunity presented itself: an affordable house in Ipoh.

Bible College Years

As the year 2000 unfolds, a pivotal change takes place as the author embarks on his theological studies at Laidlaw Bible College (formerly the Bible College of New Zealand). These years of theological studies, academic growth, and spiritual enrichment would lay a strong foundation for his life of service and devotion.

Exploring the Challenges of Medicine

Once he completed his theological studies, the author returned to medicine, this time in Wellington, New Zealand. While his medical career flourished successfully, personal sacrifices had to be made when family members took different paths in life. Facing challenges such as on-call 24/7 services and managing an outpatient clinic exposed what truly motivates the author.

An Accident Occurs

As we explore this memoir, a pivotal moment arises. A post-Christmas dinner in 2019 turns into an unexpected accident, leading to a fall that caused paralysis and ultimately led to life-threatening tetraplegia and life-threatening circumstances. From there comes an amazing medical journey filled with scans, spinal surgery, and rehabilitation. A test of faith and spiritual growth.

Rehabilitation and Recuperation

As the author begins intensive rehabilitation, his story takes an optimistic turn as he fights back against the global COVID-19 pandemic and attempts to regain mobility. This chapter serves as a testament to human perseverance and unflinching support from loved ones.

With Thanks from a Grateful Heart

Gratefulness overflows as the author expresses his thanks to God and those who helped during a time of need. Not just medical professionals but also friends, family, and a community that rallied around.

Living in God’s Goodness

In his memoir, the author revisits faith’s message as he recalls missionaries who once spread it. Faith and God’s enduring grace are acknowledged as sources of strength.

Retired and Renewed

In 2020, the author retires after 48 years in medical practice, marking an exciting new phase of life full of opportunities for writing, preaching, and self-discovery. This chapter represents not an ending but rather a beginning.

An Exciting Adventure Well-Traveled

“Memoirs of a Doctor” offers you an engrossing journey into the life of a medical professional, theologian, and resilient soul. His tale reminds you to cherish every moment in life while keeping faith at its center.

Author’s Reflection

The memoir concludes with an epilogue, in which the author reflects upon his writing process, the pandemic outbreak, and all of life’s blessings, reinforcing hope and resilience and leaving readers feeling thankful for all of life’s complexities and turns.

As we conclude this chapter of “Memoirs of a Doctor,” it’s wise to reflect upon Isaiah 40:26’s words: “Look up into the heavens; Who created all these stars? His power and might bring out one after another like an army; calling each by its name.” Not a single star goes missing under His watchful care!

May this memoir inspire you to look back on your own journey, take stock of all that lies around you, and find comfort in human resilience.


The author wishes to express his heartfelt thanks for sharing this journey with family and friends, medical colleagues, mentors, and spiritual guides. Their help has been instrumental in shaping this memoir.

About the Author

This author is a retired doctor, preacher, writer, and blogger with a heart filled with gratitude and a strong passion for sharing life’s lessons through words.

Sharing this journey will inspire others. Please leave any thoughts or reflections in the comment section below; your voice exemplifies storytelling’s lasting power.

God Bless!


Meet Dr. Andrew C S Koh—a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of roles and achievements. He excels as an author, publisher, blogger, podcaster, Bible teacher, cardiologist, and medical director. With an impressive repertoire of 40 published books to his name, he has proven his prowess as a prolific writer. Additionally, he pursued theology studies at Laidlaw College in Auckland, New Zealand, further enriching his knowledge and expertise.

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