Confession of a cardiologist: poem

Dr. Andrew C S Koh

a stethoscope, a pen, on a book
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In the rhythm of a pounding beat,

I navigate the chambers of hearts beneath.

Witness to the symphony within the chest,

I pen the tales of hearts at their best.

Confession of a cardiologist, unveiled,

From throbbing pain to love prevailed.

A dance of arteries, in vibrant hues,

A mix of anguish and life anew.

Each beat, a journey, a story to tell,

Of arteries clogged, of the body’s rebel.

The whispers of murmurs, a delicate guide,

In the depths of chambers, where secrets reside.

From the tiniest vessels to the largest vein,

I witness the triumphs, the losses, and the pain.

With each patient’s journey, a lesson learned,

To heal, to guide, the passion confirmed.

In the memoirs I scribe, lives intertwined,

A symphony of hearts, a portrait defined.

Confession of a cardiologist, etched in time,

A lifelong devotion to the heart’s rhyme.