Confession of a cardiologist: poem

Dr. Andrew C S Koh

a stethoscope, a pen, on a book
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In the rhythm of a pounding beat,

I navigate the chambers of hearts beneath.

Witness to the symphony within the chest,

I pen the tales of hearts at their best.

Confession of a cardiologist, unveiled,

From throbbing pain to love prevailed.

A dance of arteries, in vibrant hues,

A mix of anguish and life anew.

Each beat, a journey, a story to tell,

Of arteries clogged, of the body’s rebel.

The whispers of murmurs, a delicate guide,

In the depths of chambers, where secrets reside.

From the tiniest vessels to the largest vein,

I witness the triumphs, the losses, and the pain.

With each patient’s journey, a lesson learned,

To heal, to guide, the passion confirmed.

In the memoirs I scribe, lives intertwined,

A symphony of hearts, a portrait defined.

Confession of a cardiologist, etched in time,

A lifelong devotion to the heart’s rhyme.


A Doc’s life: poem

Dr. Andrew C S Koh

picture showing doctor's stethoscope and a pen on a table
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The steady hands heal,

Forty years of medicine’s zeal,

Through triumphs and sorrows,

Witnessing life’s tomorrows.

Midnight calls, emergencies arise,

Silent battles fought behind wise eyes,

Broken hearts and bodies mend,

A doctor’s service has no end.

Lines etched on a weathered face,

A lifetime of caring, in each embrace,

Brightening lives, relieving pain,

A doctor’s legacy shall forever remain.

With compassion, wisdom, and skill,

Patient after patient, healing will,

Forty years of selfless devotion,

A doctor’s soul in eternal motion.

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